Thursday, 9 February 2012

Bombay Sapphire

Less than a week to go until London Fashion Week commences. This time next week it will be all swooshing of silk Hermès scarves, clicking of Blackberry keys, flashing lights of iPhones, and the naturally 5'4 woman looming over her fellow fashionista’s as she miraculously grows 6 inches taller in a space of five minutes, courtesy of Mr. Louboutin himself. If you didn’t quite manage to secure your ticket to the exclusive-industry only-no ordinary people allowed-denied admission unless in over 5 inch heels-ever so converted event, then fear not. This cute pastel crop top and Versace esque print pencil skirt, the ubiquitous print of S/S 12’ will have you on par with the front row troop. All you need is this chunky gold cuff accentuated by the all season colour, cobalt blue.

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