Sunday, 13 November 2011

Welcome to The Torque Sho!

Hey everyone and welcome to The Torque Sho. A blog purposely created to show you how to rock ALL things shiny! From statement necklaces to bold cuffs to gobstopper rings...it's all here.

Your probably wondering what's with the name?! Well, it's simple really...

Torque: A torc, also spelled torq or torque, is a large, usually rigid, neck ring typically made from strands of metal twisted together. The word comes from Latin torquis (or torques), from torqueo, "to twist", because of the twisted shape of the collar.

Sho: My pet name! (My real name is Shoshana!)

Now with introductions out the way, I hope you enjoy my weekly outfit ideas and find inspiration to show off your jewels!

Tune in next time x